The Boulder Cup (POSTPONED)

16eight Boulder 2006

SIMPLE CHALLENGE: Build the best web 2.0 widget/app in seven days. Team can be any size 1-n developers, programmers, designers.

FORMAT: Ski * Snowboard design, Rocky Mt. resort data and audience.

Can a cross OS Widget application be constructed, tested and proven to be cool in seven days? The 16Eight seeks to find out what are the creative possibilities of developing within 7 days.

  • should a widget combine flash, ajax and/or ruby?
  • or use an Apple widget or Yahoo konfabulator widget code base?
  • is flex or apollo the best way to go?

The Boulder Cup Challenge

Develop a widget that provides ski & snow conditions that can run as a browser widget, posted in the sidebar of a blog or sitting on a desktop.

To win the 16eight challenge the entry must run on Mac & PC and:

  • create an engaging UI &UX
  • provide access to ski conditions or ski webcam web resources
  • socialize part of the experience
  • access an image database of ski and snowboard items
  • display an ad inventory

Bonus Options:

  • logic matching weather conditions to appropriate items
  • Web 2.0 without the Web


  • 1st Prize
    • The 16Eight Boulder Cup
    • Magnum 2000 Magnificat Meritage Franciscan Oakville Estate

Honorable Mention

  • Best combination of UI & UX
  • Best code based on fewest number of lines and maximum number of functions
  • Best overall experience

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One response to “The Boulder Cup (POSTPONED)

  1. The Boulder Cup


    as much as I would have liked to introduce the idea of the The Boulder Cup at BarCampBoulder, it just didn’t seem to fit the mood of the group….so I am reorganizing the idea and will introduce it again soon.

    Thanks for your interest…dl

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