2.0 +/- Web

2.0 wo Web

Web 2.0 is an over used and trite term but for the moment accept it as a reference to the current way people refer to applications that are:

  • socially active
  • harness collective intelligence
  • connected
  • browser based
  • AJAX or rich media UI
  • pull & push to cloud resources i.e. storages, data feeds, syndication
  • newly funded (no I just had to say it)

If you take all these attributes and flex just the idea of connection and occassionaly connected, you might find a very intriquing new application paradigm. In this kind of application, most of the time the app runs live web resources but some of time you might run local.

This is what I am describing as 2.0 without the Web.

2.0 without the Web could include any number of features and functions in a variety of types of applications. For example, you certainly can see:

  • calendars
  • blog writers
  • media players
  • billfold bill payer apps.

These are applications that you might consider Web 2.0 without the web apps that you use throughout your day while both connected or off-the-grid.

Take the idea of a Billfold or Bill Payer app. In this scenario, I want to have all of my bills RSS into this app so that I could go and review them, approve their payment, check their paid status and prepare a personal statement, even while stuck on a train communting into Manhatten. Once I returned into a hotspot or EV-DO service area, all of my billfold and Bill Pay is updated and made current. In the Web 2.0 scenario, I’m required to be in the browser and connected; in 2.0 w/o the Web I’m not.

The first few 16Eight Challenges will be focused on this Web 2.0 w/o the Web idea and we hope it jazzes you like it does us.


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